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High Stakes Testing Emphasis Disappointing

Legislators are considering two bills to soften the severity of the Reading Sufficiency Act as testing season begins in Oklahoma schools. continue reading...

10-Apr-14 13:35

What Does Proper Testing Look Like?

The Oklahoma Education Association put together a blue ribbon panel of experts – all teachers, most of whom are National Board Certified – to discuss “What does proper testing look like?” continue reading...

02-Apr-14 13:53

Common Core Implementation Needs Adjustment

Pres. Linda Hampton outlined OEA's concerns for Common Core State Standards at a press conference today. continue reading...

20-Feb-14 13:38

Tax Cuts for the Rich, Budget Cuts for State Agencies

Gov. Fallin's FY2014 budget calls for tax cuts for the state's richest residents while cutting state agencies. continue reading...

03-Feb-14 17:07

Statement Regarding "Common Sense Zero Tolerance Act"

Pres. Linda Hampton's official response to the filing of Rep. Sally Kern's "Common Sense Zero Tolerance Act." continue reading...

15-Jan-14 16:05

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