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Former Pres. Kyle Dahlem Honored by Oklahoma Foundation of Excellence

OEA's official statement concerning candidate interviews for State Superintendent of Public Instruction and Supt. Barresi's claim she refused to meet with OEA members. continue reading...

16-Nov-15 16:08

Petition Drive To Create Penny Sales Tax for Education

Funding cuts have brought public schools to a critical point in state history, but a petition drive to create a one-cent sales tax could possibly save our schools. continue reading...

21-Oct-15 16:25

Attacking Teachers Doesn’t Improve Education

It's a shame some legislators want to meddle in teachers' pocketbooks instead of focusing on the real issues facing education. continue reading...

20-Mar-15 11:23

Committee Passage of HB 1749 is "Shameful"

OEA members are deeply disappointed in a Senate Committee's passage of a bill that looks to silence the voices of teachers. continue reading...

16-Mar-15 16:53

Fallin's State of the State Barely Scratches Education Surface

While Gov. Fallin touched on education as a priority in her State of the State address, she didn't go far enough. Teachers are long overdue for a pay raise and our state's testing culture of label and punish is unacceptable. continue reading...

02-Feb-15 15:16

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