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Organizations Outline $906 Million in Funding Sources to Fund Education and Provide Raises for State Employees

The OEA, AFT and OPEA have outlined a funding road map for the legislature to properly fund education and core state services. continue reading...

23-Mar-18 17:59

Speaker's Plan is No Plan at All

Pres. Alicia Priest responds to Speaker McCall's press conference held late today, March 15. continue reading...

15-Mar-18 17:56

Survey Finds Overwhelming Support for School Closures

Nearly 80 percent of respondents of an online survey by the Oklahoma Education Association said they would support school closures to force the legislature to act on increased investments in schools, including a teacher pay increase. continue reading...

05-Mar-18 14:10

Fallin's Message Hits the Mark

Fallin endorses the Step Up plan during her final State of the State address and we agree. The revenue raising measures of the plan will strengthen Oklahoma. continue reading...

05-Feb-18 15:27

92 Percent of All Likely Voters Give Oklahoma Lawmakers Lousy Marks for Education Funding in New Poll

According to a new OEA poll, voters say legislators and the governor are failing public education and that education funding needs to be increased even if it means raising taxes. continue reading...

10-Jan-18 10:47

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