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SQ 779 Intensified the Conversation About Education

With the failure of SQ 779, it's now up to the legislature to fix education funding. continue reading...

10-Nov-16 08:11

OSSBA Survey Demonstrates the Urgency to Pass SQ 779

Results of the latest OSSBA survey of Oklahoma schools reveals how important it will be to pass SQ 779 in November. continue reading...

22-Aug-16 12:11

State Board Faces A Difficult Task

"I’m sure there are no easy answers to the question of, 'Where do we cut multiple millions of dollars without hurting students?' The simple answer is, you can’t." continue reading...

10-Jun-16 15:00

SB 1187 Sets Schools Up For Failure

Pres. Alicia Priest says the Senate's passage of SB 1187 sets schools up for failure. continue reading...

10-Mar-16 15:37

Vouchers Will Cost our Education System Far Too Much, Please Vote No

President Alicia Priest has sent an open letter to state legislators, asking them to vote no on vouchers. continue reading...

10-Mar-16 11:00

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