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Loss of Federal Waiver Leaves Oklahoma Education Behind

More than 1,600 Oklahoma schools will now land on the "needs improvement" list with the state's loss of it's NCLB waiver. continue reading...

29-Aug-14 14:47

Pres. Hampton Cheers Veto Override of HB 2625

The bipartisan override of HB 2625 did the right thing for nearly 8,000 third graders. continue reading...

21-May-14 19:35

Gov. Fallin Refuses Testing Fairness, Vetoes HB 2625

Gov. Mary Fallin vetoes HB 2625, ignoring petitions and cries for help from thousands of parents, educators and community members. continue reading...

20-May-14 16:32

Thanks for Passing HB 2625

Pres. Linda Hampton applauds passage of HB 2625, which amends the Reading Sufficiency Act. continue reading...

12-May-14 18:20

Part II: OEA Encourages Officials to Support HB 2625: Do What Is Best for Children

The State Department of Education releases the results for the third grade reading test before schools can share the grades with parents. continue reading...

09-May-14 15:54

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