2011 OEA Elections Results

NEA Director

Lori Burris, Mid-Del Act

OEA Board of Directors Races

Zone SE-B                                                     
Amy Duncan, Okemah EA                              63*
Lawrence E. TRAIN Lane, Checotah EA        28 

Zone SW-E
Connie Jensen, Newcastle ACT

Zone SE-C
Brenda Calahan, McAlester ACT

Zone TM-B
Shawna Lyn Mott-Wright, Tulsa CTA

Zone TM-D
Linda Walker, Union CTA

Zone OKC-B
Rene Allen, Putnam City ACT

Zone OKC-D
Teri Gray, Choctaw Nicoma Park CTA

Zone NW-B
Joanne Minor, Ponca City ACT

2011 OEA Delegate Assembly Races

Administrator Delegate-at-Large
Todd Crabtree, Byng EA

OEA Ethnic Minority Delegate-at-Large OEA/DA
Amy Castro-Braun, Moore ACT                      333
Denise Rhodes, Quapaw CTA                        325
Tom Osburn, Cave Springs EA                       322
Lawrence E. TRAIN Lane, Checotah EA         299
Bambi Rogers, Moore ACT                             285
Mattie Mae Smith-Broom, Sapulpa UE           282
Twytinna S. Gardner, Union CTA                   243
(The OEA Constitution and Bylaws provide for Ethnic Minority Delegate representation at the annual Delegate Assembly to achieve proportional representation. For the 2011 Delegate Assembly, the number of credentialed Ethnic Minority delegates at the local level exceeds the required percentage. Therefore, no Ethnic Minority Delegates-at-Large will be seated at this year’s Delegate Assembly.)

OEA/NEA Retired Delegate-at-Large
Jane Mershon, Lawton*
Don Favor, Tulsa*
Shirley Nero, Warner*
Theo L. Crawley, Weleetka*
(There were six open positions, all four candidates are elected.)

2011 NEA Representative Assembly Races

Category I Delegate-at-Large, OKC Metro Region
Amy Castro-Braun, Moore ACT                      167*
Bambi Rogers, Moore ACT                             133*
Rebecca Edmondson, OEA OKC                    125
(There were two open positions)                                                                

Category I Delegate-at-Large, Southeast Region
Lawrence E.TRAIN Lane, Checotah, SE-B*
Sharon K. Hill-Wooten, Idabel, SE-C*
(There were two open positions)

Tulsa Metro Region
Jennifer M. Thornton, TCTA, Tulsa Metro A/B*
David Ballard Gould, TCTA, Tulsa Metro A/B*
(There were two open positions)

NEA Retired Delegate-at-Large
Joy Dennis, Enid                                             309*
Don Favor, Tulsa                                            197*
Marilyn Jackson, Clearview                             155
Shirley Nero, Warner                                      144
Theo L. Crawley, Weleetka                             133
(Two open positions, successor delegates only)

* -- Indicates winning candidates




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