2012 OEA Election Results

Congratulations to the winners in OEA’s spring elections.

Statewide races:
OEA President/NEA Delegate, Linda Hampton, Seminole ACT
OEA Vice President/NEA Delegate, Alicia Priest, Yukon PEA
NEA Director/NEA Delegate, Patti Ferguson-Palmer, Tulsa CTA   

OEA Board of Directors races:
Oklahoma City Zone A Director, Elise Robillard, Moore ACT
Oklahoma City Zone C, Theresa Shelley, Edmond ACT
Northeast Zone A Director, Kathleen R. Gatlin, Vinita CTA
Southwest Zone A Director, Pamela L. Ramey, Professional Educators’ Association of Lawton
Northwest Zone A Director, Rhonda Harlow, Enid EA
Tulsa Metro Zone A Director, Patricia G. Mott, Tulsa CTA
Tulsa Metro Zone E Director, Katy Cook, Broken Arrow EA
Administrator At-Large, Raford Ulrich, Poteau EA

Runoff: Northeast C Zone Director, Elsie Morris, Tahlequah EA, and Marybeth Flusche, Muskogee EA, are in a runoff for this position. Voting continues until 5 p.m. April 26 (only members in NE-C are eligible to vote). Access the voting site by clicking the blue “Vote Here” button on the front page of the OEA website.

2012 OEA Delegate Assembly races:
Administrator At-Large

(Both of these candidates won seats at the 2012 DA)
Paula Squires, Boone-Apache EA
Todd Crabtree, Byng EA

OEA/NEA Retired Delegate-At-Large, (All of these candidates won seats at the 2012 DA), Jane Mershon, Lawton; Theo L. Crawley, Weleetka; Marilyn Jackson, Clearview; Sharon McKeever, Valliant; Danna Senkowski, Oklahoma City; and Shirley Anne Neal, Ponca City.

OEA Ethnic Minority Delegate-At-Large, The OEA Constitution and Bylaws provide for Ethnic Minority Delegate representation at the Annual Delegate Assembly to achieve proportional representation. For the 2012 Delegate Assembly, the number of credentialed Ethnic Minority delegates at the local level exceeds the required percentage. Therefore, no Ethnic Minority Delegates-At-Large will be seated at this year’s Delegate Assembly.

2012 Representative Assembly Races:
NEA Category I Delegates-At-Large

Oklahoma City Metro Region, Bambi Rogers, Moore ACT
Northeast Region, Mark M. Peters, Muskogee EA, and Denise Rhodes, Quapaw CTA
Northwest Region, Mary Hamilton, Alva CTA
Southwest Region, Ruby Peters, Professional Educators’ Association of Lawton
Tulsa Metro Region, Ginger Mendenhall, Tulsa CTA

NEA Retired Delegate-At-Large (successor delegates only), Shirley Anne Neal, Ponca City, and Theo L. Crawley, Weleetka.


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