State School Board Didn't Listen to Parents and Education Leaders

The State Board of Education has approved the original A-F grades, which were submitted to the State Board at an earlier meeting. Those grades will now be released without the recalculations which were requested by superintendents across the state. Following is a comment on the vote from Linda Hampton, President of the Oklahoma Education Association:

It is disappointing to hear that the State School Board did not listen to Oklahoma’s parents and education leaders and released the A-F school grades today without revision.

Skewing the results by not including all students when calculating the average is unfair and contrary to the understanding of most Oklahomans when they think of average. In addition, it is dishonest to attempt to sell our student assessment system as a growth model when it isn’t.  Growth model assessment systems are expensive and our state has not been willing to make the financial investment to implement them appropriately.

Parents and communities deserve a school grading system that is fair, understandable and transparent. Today’s release of the scores falls short. 

Our next step will be to ask the legislature to correct the problems in the A-F system calculations. We look forward to working with parents and other educators to make that happen.


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