Fallin's Message Hits the Mark

Feb. 5, 2018

The following statement can be attributed to OEA President Alicia Priest - 

"We appreciate Gov. Fallin’s message to the legislature today in her final State of the State address. She said the legislature can’t continue to do what it’s always done and hope for better results. She advocated for a different path to prosperity by endorsing the Step Up plan.

"We agree – we’ve been saying the same thing. We can improve Oklahoma’s image and brand if we pass the revenue raising measures of the Step Up plan. It strengthens the state budget through new revenue streams, and it strengthens public education by giving teachers a significant raise, making us more competitive with surrounding states.

"The hard work starts today. Our legislators have a big job to do, and the members of the Oklahoma Education Association know they are capable of meeting the challenge."


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