Insurance Premiums Will Not Increase for Educators

While some school districts are drowning in a sea of budget cuts, the Oklahoma State and School Employees Group Insurance Board (OSSEGIB) decided to throw a safety ring to help schools stay afloat.

At today’s board meeting, OSSEGIB decided to use their reserve funds to cover the five percent increase in health insurance premiums this year.

“The Board understands that pushing the cost of insurance increases onto public education employees is not the way to solve budget problems. Our teachers are ranked 49th in the nation in teacher pay. We appreciate the board reaching into the reserve fund to cover the increase,” said Linda Hampton, Oklahoma Education Association President.

On July 22, preliminary rates released by OSSEGIB would have increased the premium rate for education employees by 4.98 percent.

Because the board is using reserve funds to cover the increase, the primary and child coverage insurance premium will remain the same while the spouse insurance premium will decrease by 2.15%. The board also announced an increase in deductibles for tobacco users.


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