OEA Only Organization to Respond to Testing Study

Oklahoma Education Association’s President Linda Hampton was the only person to respond to the results of a study investigating the testing failures of CTB/McGraw-Hill. Hampton gave her public comments during yesterday’s Oklahoma State Board of Education Special Meeting.

“We want to ensure students, districts and teachers are not negatively impacted or labeled as result of the failures on the part of CTB/McGraw Hill. The devil’s in the details, and we want to know what those details are,” Hampton said yesterday at the board meeting.

The study concluded:

  • Lower performing students tended to perform worse as a result of the testing disruptions.
  • Seventh and eighth grade Algebra students suffered the biggest impact and were distracted the most by the testing disruptions.

SDE Actions:

  • SDE will not report scores for students who scored limited knowledge or unsatisfactory on the End-of-Instruction tests. Those students will be required to retake the EOIs.

OEA Concerns:

  1. The investigation did not address errors occurring with paper and pencil tests. We want to know how those students were impacted.
  2. The investigation did not address online problems with testing occurring on days other than April 29 and April 30.
  3. How will retaking an EOI impact students entering their freshman year in college? Were some students prohibited from enrolling in college or even lost a scholarship because they were negatively impacted by testing disruptions and have to retake the EOIs?
  4. How are the testing errors going to impact the grades for school report cards?

OEA has filed an Open Records Request to obtain the full Oklahoma Interruption Investigation report conducted by Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO). Upon receipt, OEA will analyze the results and make that analysis available to members.


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