OEA Supports Resolution to Disapprove A-F Grading System Rules

The Oklahoma Education Association will speak in support of a resolution to disapprove rules for the A-F Grading System tomorrow during the House Administrative Rules and Government Oversight Committee.

Association leaders said the entire system is not transparent and the information does not provide a fair assessment of schools.

“We believe the public should know how our schools are doing. The purpose of any accountability system should be to improve teaching and learning so that all students can reach challenging standards,” Oklahoma Education Association President Linda Hampton said.

Hampton, a 34-year teaching veteran, said the rules for the A-F grading system are just another way to label and punish students and schools, instead of providing the resources and the support schools really need in order to achieve higher standards.

Opponents of the new A-F grading system said there has been a school accountability system in place for many years that is accessible and easy to read for parents.

“Our children are more than just a test score or a letter grade. We should be spending our time and resources on ways to improve schools, not duplicate accountability systems,” Hampton said.

The Office of Accountability has provided a school report card since HB 1017 passed in 1990 that overhauled public schools.

The report can be accessed at www.schoolreportcard.org. The report gives parents customized and individualized information by testing subject and by grade level.

“A complicated computation of an A-F grading system does not provide parents with the transparent information they need to make an informed decision about their child’s education,” Hampton said.





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