SDE Denies Public Comment on Testing

Today the Oklahoma Education Association was prepared to request that all 2013 standardized tests be invalidated when members of the State Department of Education informed association leaders that they would not be allowed to speak.

OEA President Linda Hampton said she felt the state department was trying to silence her when she reached out to them to ask for their help in protecting Oklahoma's students.

"The State Department of Education is a public body that represents public interests. We live in a democracy and all voices should be heard. We are trying to do the right thing for Oklahoma's students," Hampton said.

Based on reports OEA received from school districts all over Oklahoma, it was found the problems were not limited to a mere two days of computer failures. There were many weeks of testing and both online and paper tests were affected by incompentence on the part of CTB/McGraw-Hill. As a result, thousands of students were left exhausted, frustrated, demoralized, and incapable of giving their best effort.

"Our students did their part. They studied, they reviewed, and they were there the day of the test. McGraw-Hill didn't do their part, so the students should not be the ones punished."

On Tuesday, OEA released the Testing Report detailing testing problems that occurred in districts across the state that impacted thousands of students.


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