State TLE Commission Wants Your Feedback

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The state TLE Commission wants your feedback on how teachers & leaders will be evaluated.
The Teacher & Leader Effectiveness (TLE) Commission is requesting public comment on its first set of preliminary recommendations (9/12/11). Final recommendations of the TLE Commission will be submitted to the Oklahoma State Board of Education prior to December 15, based on feedback received from a wide representation of stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, students, parents, community members, and policymakers.

Step 1: Review the different TLE models being considered. There are multiple ways to do so:

Step 2: Select which TLE model you favor most. Meet with your locals and discuss which model would best fit your school's needs.

Step 3: Let the TLE Commission know your selection in one of three ways:

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OEA's Chief Lobbyist Joel Robison represents your voice as a member of the TLE Commission. OEA staff attends each of the TLE Commission meetings and posts real-time updates on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also sign up to receive our social media updates as text messages to your phone.

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