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OEA Joins SDE to Support ACT for All Juniors

Linda Hampton

Earlier this week, the State Department of Education held a press conference to introduce the Oklahoma ACT Pilot program. In this program, districts opt in for their juniors to take the ACT at their high school with the state paying for the test. Of course, parents have the choice to opt their child out of taking the test.

What a wonderful opportunity for our students! No longer do they have to come up with the test fee. No longer do they or their parents have to take off work to travel to a testing center in another community. Those who wouldn’t have taken the ACT for these reasons – or others – now have opportunity, now have possibilities, now have a whole new perspective opened up with a score that could get them scholarships that they would depend on to go to college.

It is important to note that the Oklahoma Education Association was the only professional education association representing teachers and support professionals standing with Supt. Joy Hofmeister. It was an honor and a privilege to support Supt. Hofmeister at this important educational moment.

There are two take-aways from this event – #1, Supt. Hofmeister is making good on her campaign promise to work with those in education to make changes to the high stakes testing culture in our state; and #2, The OEA is THE organization that stands up and shows up for its members and our students.

Alicia Priest

OEA President


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