2017 Legislative Session

Legislative Update for March 24, 2017

Pressure building for a state budget

       At the half way point in the session, pressure is building for the Oklahoma Legislature to approve a budget that addresses the state's persist revenue shortfall, funds a teacher pay raise, and protects other critical public services, including public safety, transportation and health care.

        House Democrats have put forth their “Restoring Oklahoma Plan” that includes almost $1.4 billion in revenue proposals to fill the $878 million revenue gap and balance the state budget without raising taxes on middle-class families.



Tell your legislators to pass revenue bills

     Contact your legislators now, telling them to focus on the budget and pass the necessary revenue legislation that will fulfill their legal obligation to propose a budget that addresses public education funding by their April 1 deadline. The House Democratic plan offers multiple opportunities for how to do so.


You are doing an awesome job. Keep it up!

       OEA members and their public education allies are doing a great job of advocating for good legislation and defeating bad bills. This week saw the demise of HB 1767, Rep. Todd Russ (R-Cordell) that would have required bargaining districts to hold recertification elections every five years.

       Legislation that did not make it out of its house of origin this week is now dead for the session. OEA will be monitoring upcoming committee meetings, but right now there is nothing imminent of specific concern.

         If you have already joined the Fight for Funding Campaign, great! Be sure to invite your colleagues, family, friends and community members to join with you!



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