2017 Legislative Session

Legislative Update for May 26, 2017

Tell Gov. Fallin to veto this failed budget!


The budget passed today by the Oklahoma House of Representatives is a disgraceful failure: 

  • It failed to provide money to hire even one more teacher.
  • It failed to give teachers fleeing the state any incentive to stay.
  • It failed to alleviate a single crowded classroom.
  • It failed to bring back even one solitary elective class.
  • It failed to add back one day to schools forced to four-day school weeks.
  • It failed the Oklahoma students, their families and a citizenry outraged at the harm caused by the multi-year lack of education funding.
  • It failed because the entrenched House and Senate leadership and legislative “old guard” blocked the valiant efforts of many in the freshman legislative class who entered the session inspired to make a positive difference.
  • It failed because too many legislators caved in to the “politics as usual” influence of Big Oil, the Oklahoma Council on Public Affairs and the State Chamber of Commerce.
  • It failed by further abetting the gas and oil industry’s refusal to pay fair tax revenue like it does in other states.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin is on record that she would veto any budget that makes further cuts to state services. Call Gov. Fallin NOW, telling her to keep her promise. Tell her to veto this budget and call for a special legislative session.

Thank you for your efforts this session. Thank you for keeping the conversation going and engaging with your legislators. Thank you for your passion and energy to keep it up. OEA's Fight for Funding goes on. We are the OEA. We’ve been fighting for students and for public education since 1889 and we’re not about to stop now!







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