Education Funding Rally

School employees from across the state will rally at the State Capitol on March 31 and we want you there. The event, sponsored by the Oklahoma Education Coalition, will draw attention to the dire need for better funding for public education.

A Rally Committee has been formed by the Coalition, and more details will be coming soon. In the meantime, here’s what you can do right now:

1) Circle March 31 on your calendar and plan to be in Oklahoma City that day.

2) Meet with your superintendent to tell him/her you want everyone in your school to participate. Discuss changing the school calendar so all employees can attend; encouraging parents to join you in Oklahoma City; and arranging for convenient transportation options for all.

3) Appear before your local Board of Education and ask them to vote on the resolution. (Click here to download a copy of the Coalition’s resolution. For a Word version of the resolution, contact Doug Folks at


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Oklahoma Education Coalition's official rally website.

Where buses can drop riders for the rally.


is avaliable at Remington Park and Tinseltown Cinema, just south of I-44 on Martin Luther King (aka Eastern Ave.). Shuttles will run to and from the Capitol for both parking locations from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. See a map of the Remington/Tinseltown area.

Rally Professional Development

The OEA and the Oklahoma Policy Insitute have created a professional development webinar your district can participate in before or during the trip to Oklahoma City for the rally. Topics covered in the webinar include school funding, taxes, and the Reading Sufficiency Act, all of which will prepare you for the rally. Below are links to handouts, a discussion guide and links to the 48-minute webinar.

Rally Webinar link -- Particpants will register using their names and school districts. This webinar is for all education employees.

Mobile users- Download the free ReadyTalk app before attempting to view the webinar with a mobile device (earphones are recommended, as well).

Discussion Guide

Restore Education Funding handout

Curb Unnecessary Tax Breaks handout

Protect Essential Revenues handout

Rally Professional Development Evaluation

Download a copy of the Education Coalition’s Rally resolution.