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Big Oil needs to pay its fair share of taxes — not threaten to leave

Big Oil is running ads threatening to move oil and gas production out of Oklahoma to Texas. Why? Oklahomans are demanding they pay their fair share of gross production taxes to help balance the budget.

If you look at the 8.3 percent tax Big Oil pays in Texas, compared to the 7 percent amount under consideration here, it’s clear they’re trying to use scare tactics. 

The sweet deal Oklahoma legislators gave them a few years back is what’s significantly responsible for Oklahoma’s current budget woes. Why would they threaten to pull out of Oklahoma when they’re obviously willing to pay more in Texas and other states? Oklahoma Standard indeed!

The Save Our State campaign — a collation of more than 20 agencies, nonprofits and groups statewide — is pushing back. No more layoffs for teachers and the support staff who keep our schools running!

This lays the message out loudly and clearly, and we need to share the message far and wide. We won’t be intimidated by a campaign that would further starve public school funding, public safety, transportation and other vital public services in Oklahoma.

Share the SOS video on your social media channels and urge your family and friends to share it, too. Send it to your legislators, along with the message that you want them to pass a state budget that requires Big Oil to pay its fair share, like it does in Texas and other states. Tell them we are not going to buckle and we demand that they don’t either. 

The Oklahoma Education Association has joined with nearly two dozen other nonprofit and professional organizations representing hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans on the frontlines of public service to create the Save Our State Coalition. The members, and the Oklahomans they fight for every day, are calling upon our lawmakers to address the state’s universally known revenue and budget problems.


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Local Associations Can Join the Coalition

Has your local association joined the Save Our State Coalition? Add your name to the list below by sending an email to Nick Singer, LPO Specialist.

Association of Duncan Educators

Blanchard Education Association

Choctaw-Nicoma Park Association of Classroom Teachers

Edmond Association of Classroom Teachers

Jenks Classroom Teachers Association

McAlester Association of Classroom Teachers

Mid-Del Association of Classroom Teachers

Muskogee Education Association

Owasso Education Association

Ponca City Association of Classroom Teachers

Professional Educators of Norman

Sand Springs Education Association

Shawnee Association of Classroom Teachers

Stillwater Education Association

The Education Association of Moore

Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association

Union Classroom Teachers Association

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