Together/ Stronger For All of Oklahoma

Give pay raises to teachers and ESPs.

Lawmakers have ignored pay for far too long. The state salary schedule hasn’t been adjusted for a decade. The OEA seeks a $10,000 pay raise for educators and a $5,000 raise for education support professionals.
Cost: $740 million over three years.

Restore public education funding.

Public education is in a state of crisis. This is unquestionable and undeniable. Student enrollment is growing, class sizes are skyrocketing, and funding has not kept up. Oklahoma must do better.
Cost: $200 million over three years.

Give retirees a cost- of-living increase.

OEA seek a 5 percent cost-of-living increase for retirees. This increase can be funded through the pension system itself without harming the funds or requiring lawmakers to find new money.
Cost: $0

Fund core state services for all.

We need new, recurring revenue to fund the services Oklahomans need, such as health care, mental health and public safety. The Legislature must fully staff state agencies and give state employees a $7,500 pay raise.
Cost: $500 million over three years.

Here’s what the education funding crisis looks like in

Oklahoma public schools.

In the past five school years, Oklahoma has seen more students with more needs.

With more students, unfunded mandates and stagnant state revenue,

Oklahoma public schools are facing tough choices that are crippling our classrooms.

This is a statewide crisis. Oklahoma children deserve better.


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