Membership Recruitment Resources

Recruiting members to the Oklahoma Education Association is a year-round task. Most people join at the beginning of year, but may join at any time. To assist local leaders, we have a wealth of information to help educate potential members of the programs and services of the association. Use the following publications to assist in your recruitment efforts:

Membership Recruitment & Engagement Program Guidebook - This book outlines for local leaders a plan to recruit and maintain membership throughout the year.

We Did That - The OEA's efforts leading up to and during the 2018 teacher walkout led to historic gains for teachers, ESPs and schools. While others are quick to take credit, it was OEA members who made it all happen.

Professional Development Flyer - OEA offers a number of research-based professional development sessions. This flyer outlines our programs.

Fund for Children and Public Education - Members make voluntary donations to the OEA's Fund to support pro-education candidates for office.

How the FCPE Works - This flyer outlines the process of how the OEA Fund collects donations and supports pro-education candidates.

Personal Legal Services Program - One of OEA's best benefits is PLSP, legal services for off-the-job issues for members and their dependents.

2018 OEA-POE Comparison - There are big differences between OEA and POE. This flyer outlines those differences.

2018 Salary Increase Chart - This document outlines changes to the State Minimum Salary Schedule gained through the 2018 walkout.


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