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March 2016

SB 1187 Sets Schools Up For Failure

by Doug Folks on 10-Mar-16 15:37
Pres. Alicia Priest says the Senate's passage of SB 1187 sets schools up for failure.

Vouchers Will Cost our Education System Far Too Much, Please Vote No

by Doug Folks on 10-Mar-16 11:00
President Alicia Priest has sent an open letter to state legislators, asking them to vote no on vouchers.

OEA President Calls for Legislature to Tap Rainy Day Fund

by Doug Folks on 07-Mar-16 15:57
With public schools of all sizes looking at four-day weeks and cutting staff, cutting programs for students, and increasing class sizes by initiating reductions in force (RIF) policies, OEA President Alicia Priest calls on the legislature to tap the state’s Rainy Day Fund.

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