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May 2011

Project Blue Bird Brightens Adams Elementary

by Doug Folks on 26-May-11 10:07
A centerpiece of the Student OEA’s work at Adams Elementary for Outreach to Teach is a large eagle mural in the front foyer of the Oklahoma City School.

Alicia Priest Elected VP

by Doug Folks on 16-May-11 15:37
Yukon's Alicia Priest has been elected OEA Vice President by the Board of Directors.

Speaking Out for Respect

by Doug Folks on 13-May-11 17:10
In her April 29 video address just before Teacher Appreciation Week, State Supt. Janet Barresi agreed with a legislator’s statement that public schools are factories that suck the souls out of our children. At least two teachers have written directly to Supt. Barresi and expressed how offended they are of her remarks.

How Are Budget Cuts Impacting Our Schools?

by on 11-May-11 17:58
Oklahoma teachers share their stories on how budget cuts are affecting themselves, their classrooms, and their schools.

2011 OEA Awards

by on 02-May-11 13:08
Recipients of OEA 2011 awards were honored during Delegate Assembly, April 29-30.

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