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August 2013

National Poll Validates Local Concerns

by Doug Folks on 26-Aug-13 15:58
A poll recently released by Pi Delta Kappa and Gallup confirms some of OEA's concerns for issues facing public education.

Oklahoma Teacher Pensions are number one

by on 22-Aug-13 11:05
Despite the positive news regarding the status of Oklahoma's seven pension systems there is intention to cut benefits and make drastic changes during next legislative session.

OEA Only Organization to Respond to Testing Study

by Doug Folks on 21-Aug-13 14:05
OEA was the only organization to make remarks at a special State Board of Education meeting which announced the results of an investigation into testing failures by CTB/McGraw Hill.

Insurance Board to Vote on Rate Changes

by Doug Folks on 15-Aug-13 16:55
Education employees will be looking at insurance premium increases of 4.5 percent when the Oklahoma Employees Insurance and Benefits Board votes on proposed health insurance premium increases.

Hold Testing Company Accountable

by Doug Folks on 13-Aug-13 12:07
Students, teachers and schools are continually held accountable. After last spring's testing debacle, CTB/McGraw Hill, the testing company, should be held accountable as well.

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