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February 2018

It’s Too Early to Give Up Now – Keep Up the Pressure

posted on 14-Feb-18 16:06
The outcome of Monday's Step Up Lobby Day was disappointing, but it's way to early to give up. We still have bills in place to improve public education funding.

Oklahoma Election Guide for Feb. 13, 2018

posted on 09-Feb-18 14:45
All but two Oklahoma counties have elections on Feb. 13. Make your plan to vote today.

A Peek Behind the Curtain: How People are Working Hard on Your Behalf

posted on 08-Feb-18 10:42
OREA Executive Director Sabra Tucker lets education employees know just how hard people are working to make a difference in their professional lives.

Imagine What Step Up Can Do for Education

posted on 07-Feb-18 14:52
The Step Up plan would raise nearly $800 million for our state. Imagine how much that would help our students.
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