Keeping It Simple, One Last Time

All changes are more or less tinged with melancholy, for what we are leaving behind is part of ourselves.” – Amelia Barr

This quote seemed to resonate very loudly and clearly with me as I began to write this blog – my last blog as OEA’s president. Yes, I am leaving a part of myself behind, but it’s been such a wonderful journey.  Thank you!

As I am doing all those necessary things like cleaning out files and my desk, it dawned on me that I’d never really thought about how hard it would be to try to make a graceful exit. It’s especially difficult to find what to say in a final blog without writing a mini novel. It’s sort of like writing a will – you only have one chance to get it done right.

With that in mind I thought, “Why not write it with the same goal I had in mind when I began writing this blog” – keep it short and simple. 

So, Simply Said –

  • I’ll miss each of you and can never tell you enough how much your support and hard work have meant to me.
  • I am truly humbled and blessed to have been part of this association.
  • Together we are the OEA, and nothing is impossible when we unite with one voice.
  • Oklahoma teachers and support professionals are among the most dedicated and caring people in this state and nation.
  • Oklahoma’s children and public schools are worth fighting for and protecting at all cost.
  • OEA’s staff and leaders are the best – hard-working and professional.
  • I am leaving OEA in great hands. I wish Alicia, Katherine and David the best as they begin to write the next successful chapter in OEA’s history.
  • As I’m leaving office, I want to leave you and OEA with one of my favorites Irish blessings …

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields and,
Until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.


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