Linda Hendrix Leaves an Impressive Legacy

September 10, 2019

Most of us hope that, once we retire, people will remember us for something positive. That won’t be an issue for Linda Hendrix, OEA advocacy specialist assigned to the Tulsa Classroom Teaches Association.

Linda retired at the end of August after 22 years with the OEA, leaving behind an impressive legacy. In addition to counseling, defending and representing hundreds of Tulsa teachers, Linda helped craft the Tulsa Model of the Teacher/Leader Evaluation system now being used by more than 90% of Oklahoma’s school districts. Having participated in the development of the Tulsa Model from the beginning, she is known throughout the association and education community as an expert on the Tulsa Model.

She also facilitated creation of the current updated TCTA negotiated agreement, a task that required pulling together several years of tentative agreements into a complete collective bargaining agreement that the local and district could agree upon. The local and the district had negotiated for years but had not assembled every current item into one document.

Linda joined the OEA in August 1996 as the Northwest Team advocacy specialist. She moved to Tulsa and went to work with TCTA in 1999. Before joining OEA, Linda taught fifth and sixth grade at Enid’s Coolidge Elementary for 14 years.

“Linda was an outstanding advocate for our teachers. She helped them in so many ways,” said Richard Wilkinson, OEA general counsel. “The relationships she formed with the Tulsa Public Schools administrators and central office people paid dividends for our members in ways they probably never realized.”

Members and officers of TCTA will miss Linda tremendously.

 “I barely know TCTA without Linda,” said Patti Ferguson-Palmer, president of TCTA, who was a building rep when Linda came to Tulsa. “She’s been like a big-sister mentor to me. She’s definitely the voice of reason here in the TCTA office. It’s kind of like leaving high school – we don’t know what it will be like without her. But I’m super happy for Linda and wish her all the best.”



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