Turning Words into Actions

By President Alicia Priest

A few weeks ago, I asked our OEA Board Members to have strategic conversations with members across the state about what they would be willing to do if our Legislature didn’t act to fill the funding hole for education and other core services. The answers came back in the form of “strike,” “rally,” and “Just tell me and I’ll do it.”

Well, here’s your opportunity … I’m telling you what we need ALL members to do…


Oil companies have been busing in their employees to make a showing. They have also dropped off big pieces of drilling equipment in front of the capitol. WOW!

Since education and all other state agencies don’t have the big $$$ to print out a bunch of posters and slick stickers and rent buses to take you to the Capitol, we need you to come and talk to your legislators, sit in the gallery and watch them at work, and encourage them to do what is right for ALL Oklahomans.

We need them discussing real issues. Here’s our reality:  If budgets stay flat or there is a decrease in funding, people will DIE. It may be one of our students who is abused and waiting for a child welfare investigator, or a student who is waiting on a bed in our “at capacity” mental health facilities. Maybe a corrections officer who is working in our understaffed and overcrowded prisons where the air conditioning system is broken and there is no money to fix it so temperatures rise to over 100. Or, maybe, it’s our most vulnerable children and aged who suffer without health services that they so desperately need.

Will you stand up for them? Will you stand up for yourself?!?

Please, come any/every day this week at any time! We have a briefing each morning at 9 a.m. at the OEA building and then head across the street to the Capitol to talk to legislators. You can also look on the SaveOurStateOK.org website to learn more about the budget and the proposal that comes from the SOS Coalition.



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