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October 2010

Factory School: The need for creativity

In 1913, ten years after he founded the Ford Motor Company, Ford installed the first moving assembly line in one of his automobile manufacturing plants. Its design enabled a car, which normally took 14 hours to construct from scratch, to be manufactured every 93 minutes. Immensely efficient and constantly in motion, the assembly line became a staple instrument and icon of the 20th century. The faster turn-out rate also allowed consumers to benefit from the decreased costs of production. All in all, everybody was happy. continue reading...

20-Oct-10 13:40

Absorb Criticism | Reflect Honor

You’re sitting at your first parent-teacher meeting. Parents file in casually, helping themselves to your budget-friendly assortment of treats and drinks. As they individually finish their side-conversations, one turns toward you to discuss her two children, Ashley and Johnny. continue reading...

07-Oct-10 14:56

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