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September 2010

The power of one.

Time and time again in history, we see how critical turning points of entire civilizations hinged on the actions of small groups of individuals and even at times on sole individuals. Aristotle changed the way we as humans view logic and the world around us. continue reading...

21-Sep-10 15:16

The Third Teacher

The fact that a student’s environment affects their learning is a well-known fact with a plethora of studies to support it but the concept of it also being a teacher in itself is revolutionary, to say the least. The question that follows this discovery is quite simply, “Then how should an environment teach?” continue reading...

02-Sep-10 22:29


Upon the start of this school year and the inception of this blog, my mind swarmed with discussion topics. My biggest question was “What can SOEA do, as an organization, to affect a change in Oklahoma’s school system?” continue reading...

02-Sep-10 22:28

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