SOEA Officers

Student Oklahoma Education Association

323 East Madison
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

For more information, contact
Kim Littrell
SOEA State Organizer

SOEA Executive Board



Nancy F. Melendez

Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Major - Secondary Mathematics


Vice President

Diego Cifuentes

East Central University

Major - Political Science


Maria Morigeau

Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Major: Elementary Education


Legislative Representative

Sarah Thomas

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Major - Elementary Education


International & Cultural Ambassador

Nadia Martinez

East Central University

Major - Early Childhood


OEA/NEA Delegate

Katlyn Anderson

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Major - Early Childhood


NEA Contacts 

National Education Association
1201 Sixteenth Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036 - 3290

Chesley Jo Herrig
NEA Student Chairperson
202.822.7624 (fax)

Kimberly Anderson
NEA Student Organizer
202.822.7624 (fax)

Duties of SOEA Officers


The President shall be a voting member on the OEA Board of Directors, serve on the OEA FCPE Committee, the OEA Budget Committee, represent SOEA at the OCEA quarterly meetings, attend the NEA-Aspiring Educators Leadership Conferences, and shall be the first delegate to the NEA Representative Assembly and the OEA Delegate Assembly. (The OEA Board of Directors meets 6-7 times per year.)

Vice President

The Vice-President shall be the membership promoter of the SOEA and be responsible for all membership programs, drives, and other membership activities. The Vice-President also shall be the chairman of the Bylaws Committee.


The Secretary shall serve on the OEA IPD Committee and shall submit within two weeks of the prior meeting, copies of the minutes to the SOEA Student Organizer, the SOEA President, Vice President and Legislative Representative. The Secretary will assist the State Student Organizer by writing articles and news stories for publication.

Legislative Representative

The Legislative Representative shall serve on the OEA Legislative Committee. The Legislative Representative shall also organize any political activities where SOEA may be involved.

OEA/NEA Delegate

The OEA/NEA Delegate shall represent the SOEA membership at the OEA Delegate Assembly and NEA Representative Assembly that year and will give an oral report of the proceedings of both meetings at the SOEA Spring Convention. The SOEA President shall be the first OEA Delegate. The second OEA Delegate shall serve on the OEA Human and Civil Rights Committee.

Additional Requirements


All newly elected officers are required to attend a new officers meeting held in June. The annual Fall Professional Development Conference shall be held at times and places the Executive Committee shall determine. The annual Spring State Convention shall be held at times and places the Executive Committee shall determine. All officers are required to work at both the Fall PD Conference and Spring State Convention. Additional meetings shall be held upon the call of the President with approval of the State Student Organizer. All executive officers must attend all scheduled meetings. Absences from 2 meetings shall result in the relinquishment of his/her office.

Terms of Office

The elected officers shall serve for one year and their term of office shall begin on July 15.

Vacancy in Office

A vacancy in the office of President shall be filled by the Vice President. The vacancy thus created in the office of Vice President shall be filled by the Executive Committee’s appointee.

General Information

It is essential for state officers to represent Oklahoma’s student members; therefore, attendance at all SOEA meetings and activities is required. SOEA executive committee members are appointed to the committees identified above. OEA committees meet in Oklahoma City generally on a Saturday during the fall and on another Saturday during the spring. All SOEA executive committee members will attend their appropriate Regional OEA Summer Leadership Conferences. Reasonable expenses incurred during SOEA terms of office are reimbursed using an OEA Expense Voucher.


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