Common Core State Standards Cadre

To help your faculty prepare for the full implementation of the Common Core State Standards in 2014-15, the Oklahoma Education Association has assembled a cadre of some of the state’s most accomplished classroom teachers who are ready to provide the professional development needed to meet these new challenges. On this page, you will find a description of the sessions offered plus the associated costs and a list of the cadre members.


Highly Engaging Classrooms
The purpose of our Highly Engaging Classroom presentation is to improve student engagement, as this is the key to effective teaching.  Student engagement happens when teachers purposefully create an environment that is physically, mentally, emotionally and socially secure and engaging. Using specific strategies will assist teachers in creating that environment, and presenters will model these best practices in this two- or three-hour training.
Highly-Engaging Classrooms Cadre Members
Cindy Casteel, Norman
Sarah Chimblo, Jenks
Meg Deweese, Tulsa
Erin Frizzell, Putnam City
Johnnie Keel, Norman
Bethany Lorenz, Putnam City
Candace McCullum, North Rock Creek
Heidi Presley, Bridge Creek
Adria Smith, Putnam City

CCSS Literacy Across the Curriculum
While modeling highly motivating classroom strategies, this cross-curricular presentation introduces teachers to best practices in developing literacy skills. Some of the topics covered include:
• Literacy – not just for English/Language Arts Teachers
• CCSS Anchor Standards
• Literacy and Differentiation Strategies
• Suggestions for Additional Resources to Help Grow Literacy Strategies
This presentation can be tailored to one or two hour blocks, but is ideally suited for a three hour session.
Literacy Cadre Members
Stacy Calton, Putnam City
Sarah Chimblo, Jenks
Audra Cornett, Inola
Kaci Garrett, Mustang
Lacee Jarvis, Hulbert
Courtney Murphy, Miami
Alicia Priest, OEA
Lara Searcy, Tahlequah
Adria Smith, Edmond
Heather Sparks
Bonnie Stone, Tulsa

Leveraging Technology for the CCSS
This informative presentation is designed to introduce educators to using technology in the classroom, and it includes technology best practices and specific ideas for implementation. Depending on your districts’ needs, the presentation can be tailored for any grade level and can also range from an overview of educational technology where we explore online resources and topics like responsible use, to an interactive training session where specific sites are visited, explained and practiced. This presentation is ideally suited for a three-hour time frame, but can be implemented in one and two-hour blocks.
Technology Cadre Members
Stephanie Bowman, Lawton
Kaci Garret, Mustang
Kitty Herbel, Enid
Brenda McClain, Tahlequah
Trina Menzie, Lawton
Erika Penuel, Tulsa
Bea Roberson, Pryor
Angela Sanders, Union (Tulsa)
Adria Smith, Edmond
Heather Sparks, Oklahoma City

Project-Based Learning for the CCSS
Project-Based Learning is an instructional approach built upon authentic learning activities that engage student interest and motivation. These activities are designed to answer a question or solve a problem and generally reflect the types of learning and work people do in the everyday world. PBL teaches skills as well as content, including communication and presentation skills, organization and time management skills, research and inquiry skills, and self-assessment and reflection skills. This workshop will assist you in making Project-Based Learning an integral part of your classroom learning experience.

Project-Based Learning Cadre Members
Amy Braun, Moore
Marti Brown, Yukon
Kaci Garrett, Mustang
Michelle Koehn, Putnam City
Kala Mead, Woodward
Elsie Morris, Tahlequah
Michelle Redus, Guthrie
Adria Smith, Putnam City
Clara Southerland, Tulsa
Heather Sparks, Oklahoma City
Connie Ward, Piedmont

CCSS Writing Across the Curriculum
This presentation allows teachers in all subject areas and grade levels to not only teach writing to increase content knowledge, but to also meet CCSS anchor standards! Teachers will learn:
• The three modes of CCSS writing and the revised writing process;
• How to integrate, assign, and teach writing within their curriculum;
• How to evaluate and assess student writing;
• Writing strategies to begin implementing immediately; and
• How PARCC envisions writing in their assessments.
This presentation is ideally suited for a three-hour time frame, but can be implemented in one and two-hour blocks.

CCSS Writing Cadre Members
Gena Beeson, Deer Creek
Maschielle Brakefield, Yukon
Kayleen Browning, Yukon
Stacey Calton, Putnam City
Amy Duncan, Okemah
Kaci Garrett, Mustang
Dara Gee, Lawton
Lara Searcy, Tahlequah
Adria Smith, Edmond
Donna Shockey, Sharon-Mutual

Mathematics and Numeracy for CCSS
This mathematics presentation includes an overview of the K-12 Mathematics Standards with emphasis on their organizational structure and suggested time lines for implementation. The session will enable elementary and secondary mathematics teachers to better understand the expectations of the Common Core Standards and provide instructional and assessment strategies that can be used immediately in their classrooms. This presentation can be implemented in one-hour, two-hour, or three-hour blocks, with three hours being the preferred presentation time.
Mathematics and Numeracy Cadre Members
Lisa Bell, Lawton
Linda Hall, Edmond
Cindy Johnson, Union (Tulsa)
Eric Jones, Tahlequah
Pam Ramey, Lawton
Elizabeth Sonnenfeld, Bartlesville

Presenter fees – $100 per hour prep fee; $300 per trainer for half-day session (3 hours); $600 per trainer for full-day session (6 hours), plus mileage, hotel, and meals as deemed necessary for each trainer. (Larger audiences may require two trainers.)
Administrative fee – equal to 20% of the total training cost.
Materials fee – $50 (districts will also be asked to provide copies for most groups).
Actual substitute cost per trainer (if needed).
Districts will provide necessary technology (laptop, projector, and screen or smart board).


Contact one of OEA's Teaching and Learning UniServ Specialists today to schedule your training sessions.

Bonnie Hammock
OKC Metro/Southwest Regions

Mike McIlwee
NW Region

Kim Littrell
NE/Tulsa Metro Regions

Southeast Region schools should contact Kim Holley, SE Team assistant, at 800.522.8091 or 405.528.7785 to schedule their professional development.


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