2020 interim studies affecting OEA members

Legislative leaders have announced interim studies for this fall, and many affect the work we do as OEA members. 

Senate President Greg Treat approved 39 studies of the 64 requests. House Speaker Charles McCall approved 74 studies of the 92 requests. 

Here’s a look at the approved studies that affect public schools and public school employees.


  • HSP 2013 by Rep. Jacob Rosecrants. The beneficial outcomes of play-based learning programs in schools.
  • HSP 2020 / SSP 2038 by Rep. Sheila Dills and Sen. Joe Newhouse. Funding in education for bilingual students and programs with a focus on transparency and accountability
  • HSP 2025 by Rep. Danny Sterling. Physical education programs in public schools.
  • HSP 2038 by Rep. Mike Sanders. Building literacy in Oklahoma for a stronger future and workforce.
  • HSP 2062 by Rep. Lundy Kiger. Adding lessons on racial discrimination to school curriculum and examining old curriculum. 


  • HSP 2041 by Rep. Forrest Bennett. Employment issues related to COVID-19, particularly related to the Family Medical Leave Act and gig economy workers, seeking permanent solutions.
  • HSP 2046 by Rep. Rhonda Baker. Educational response and planning of other states in the region to COVID-19 compared to that of Oklahoma.
  • HSP 2049 by Rep. Sherrie Conley. Student absenteeism in the context of COVID-19.


  • HSP 2014 by Rep. Trish Ranson. The benefits of violence de-escalation training for teachers in order to help divert harm while attending to the needs of students in trauma.
  • HSP 2078 by Rep. Sherrie Conley. The effects of suspension versus mental health treatment for students with behavioral issues in schools, particularly students who might be victims of Adverse Childhood Experience Syndrome (ACES).

Teacher Pipeline

  • HSP 2065 by Rep. John Waldron and Kelly Albright. The current practices used by OACTE schools to recruit students to Teacher Preparation Programs.


  • HSP 2001 by Rep. Avery Frix. Health insurance companies dropping providers from their network for referring clients to out-of-network services
  • HSP 2059 by Rep. Lewis Moore. Possible ways to address high health insurance costs, examining guaranteed cost, group, individual, self-funded and buying groups.


  • HSP 2007 by Rep. Marcus McEntire and Sen. John Montgomery. Increase access to retirement savings tools. 
  • HSP 2037 by Rep. Avery Frix. How to use market analysis to address future Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs) for state retirees.
  • HSP 2050 by Rep. Toni Hasenbeck. Teacher insurance and retirement benefits considering proposals to manage yearly cost increases

Virtual / Broadband

  • HSP 2045 and Rep. Rhonda Baker. Oklahoma school broadband connectivity and E-rates federal grants.
  • HSP 2057 by Rep. Mark McBride. Student and school improvement models involving a digital improvement platform.


  • HSP 2008 by Rep. Mike Osburn, Rep. Monroe Nichols, Sen. Adam Pugh, and Sen. Kevin Mathews. A bipartisan examination of state government’s role and possible legislative action in regard to improving race relations in Oklahoma.
  • HSP 2021 / SSP 2039 by Rep. Sheila Dills and Sen. Joe Newhouse. Transportation funding for cities and school districts in a changing virtual environment.
  • SSP 2001 by Sen. Michael Bergstrom. CareerTech Training Program completion rates and long-term outcomes.
  • SSP 2016 by Sen. Julia Kirt. Programs and procedures to assist persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities to transition from public school to further education, employment, and independent living.
  • SSP 2020 by Sen. Kevin Matthews. Programs and efforts to address learning challenges in under-served communities.