Accountability Survey Gives Barresi an “F”

In the spirit of mutual accountability, the Oklahoma Education Association surveyed nearly 4,000 teachers, parents and community members. The association asked them to give a letter grade to State Superintendent of Public Instruction Janet Barresi for her performance since taking office in January 2010.

“The State Superintendent plays a large role in the success of public schools in Oklahoma. Since schools have received their grades this week, it seems particularly appropriate to reflect on our Superintendent’s performance in her own role,” said Oklahoma Education Association President Linda Hampton.

Survey respondents graded Supt. Barresi by answering 16 questions in the areas of: Competency, Funding, Transparency and Overall Performance.

OEA released the results of the survey today. Barresi received a letter grade of “F” in all categories including and overall grade point average of just 0.22 on a 4.0 grading scale.

“The low scores reflect the public’s frustration with Supt. Barresi. Her administration has been marred with major errors in testing and the A-F grading system. Thousands of students were left exhausted, demoralized and incapable of giving their best effort after the multiple testing errors last spring. A-F grades were calculated using an inaccurate computation system, recalculated, released and then re-released. The public has no confidence that any results are accurate,” Hampton said.

OEA leaders said they hope Supt. Barresi will provide more support for public schools by including the input of the education community when making critical decisions that impact Oklahoma public schools.

See the full report card.

Survey questions with number of respondents.


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