Cash Needed, Not Free Services in Testing Settlement

The Oklahoma Education Association expressed concern today about the settlement between the Oklahoma State Department of Education and testing vendor CTB/McGraw-Hill.

While Association leaders said they are pleased the state department acknowledged the incompetence of CTB/McGraw-Hill and requested compensation, they are disappointed with the settlement.

Only one-third of the compensation package is in cash. While the total settlement is valued at $1.2 million, only $367,000 is in cash. This equates to a mere 56 cents per student in Oklahoma.

The majority of the $1.2 million settlement, nearly $700,000, is in free testing services for second-graders who are not currently tested.

“About $678,000 of the “in-kind” services are not needed, nor required at this time. Second grade is not a testing grade in Oklahoma, and we should keep it that way. Our students are already over-tested and filled with anxiety because of high-stakes tests.  Our second-graders should not be put under that amount of stress.” said Oklahoma Education President Linda Hampton.

Education leaders fear it may be a ploy to use Oklahoma second graders as a free testing market for the testing company to use to promote and develop their tests at that grade level


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