HealthChoice Prescription Changes To Save Members Money

State and education employees enrolled in HealthChoice are expected to save money on some of their prescriptions next year. Under a new prescription coverage rule, members will have the option of purchasing their maintenance prescription drugs by mail order through Medco or at Walmart, Sam’s or CVS retail outlets, beginning January 1, 2012.

The new options apply only to “maintenance prescription drugs,” which are prescription drugs taken for 90 days or longer. (Click here for a list of maintenance prescription drugs.)

By making this change, the Oklahoma State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board (OSEEGIB) saved $9 million, allowing the insurance board to keep from raising next year’s premiums. Without this adjustment, family premiums would have increased by $25 per month ($300 per year).

Since education employees are the only state-funded group that has to pay for family premiums out of their own pockets, holding premium costs down is a top priority. School employees with family coverage already pay more than $900 a month on premiums.

The change will benefit school employees:

  • Your premiums will not be increased for 2012.
  • You will receive a 90-day prescription refill for a single co-payment (instead of paying a prescription co-pay every month). The change is expected to put hundreds of dollars back in your pockets.

For more information on the new prescription changes, talk with your school district benefits person or visit the OSEEGIB website.


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