Labor Commissioner's Remarks Anger OEA Members

Oklahoma Education Association members are angry and frustrated at the remarks made by Labor Commissioner Mark Costello last week.  At a Republican Women’s event in Tulsa and later on Oklahoma City’s Fox 25, Commissioner Costello referred to OEA and our members as Feral Hogs.  OEA President Linda Hampton’s response is below.

“This is just the latest example of the ongoing attack on teacher and support professionals by an extremist politician in a misguided attempt to make a point at the expense of the hardworking public servants who teach our children, feed them lunch and deliver them safely to school.  Name calling and bullying of this nature is not tolerated in our schools and shouldn’t be allowed by politicians like Mr. Costello.” 

Members from across Oklahoma have been contacting us and asking that we respond. We choose not to dignify this type of rhetoric with an in-kind response.

We choose to keep our focus where it belongs, ensuring that we have the highest level of teaching and learning in our schools and that dedicated education employees have the support they need to accomplish these tasks.

A scheduled Monday morning meeting between Mr. Costello and OEA officials was abruptly canceled by his office.  Labor Commissioner Costello owes Oklahoma teachers and support professionals an apology.


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