NEA Group Meets with Pres. Obama

Earlier this week (November 1), NEA President Dennis Van Rokel and a group of 10 NEA members were part of a “working meeting” with Pres. Barack Obama to discuss his American Jobs Act, which will invest $30 billion in job assistance. Mustang teacher Greg Johnson, a member of the NEA Executive Committee, was among the group that met with the President.

The Jobs Act will help save 400,000 education jobs and provide $25 billion for modernizing 35,000 public schools and $5 billion for community college modernization — with almost half being funneled into the schools that need it the most.

“Investing in public education creates American jobs and provides important opportunities for our nation’s children,” said OEA President Linda Hampton. “In a typical state, investing two percent more in public education generates 3,900 new jobs and $92 million in new personal income.”

The NEA meeting is a great example of how our members are represented from their own building sites all the way to the highest office in the country.

Click the following links to see short videos of the visit with Pres. Obama from Dennis Van Rokel and Greg Johnson.

Dennis Van Rokel video

Greg Johnson video


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