No Surprises in A-F Grade Report

Bad Recipe + Bad Ingredients = Bad Taste

Statement from OEA Vice President Alicia Priest
on the results of the A-F Grading Report


“Teachers and administrators are not surprised by the A-F grades released today. The report card did what it was intended to do: label students and teachers without providing additional funding, resources or support to help schools improve teaching and learning. To paraphrase the old saying, ‘The bullying will continue until morale improves.’

“We’re ready for elected officials to stop grandstanding and do something that helps public education, like restore the $200 million in funding we’ve lost since 2008 while gaining 40,000 students.

“Researchers from the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University examined the A-F Grading System last year and found the methodology to be so bad that we should scrap it and start over. But no changes were made to the system.

“The grades are like cooking with a bad recipe and using bad ingredients. You shouldn’t be surprised that what you cook up tastes bad.

“We support accountability and assessments. However, assessments should be used to inform and improve instruction. They should be relevant to students, useful to parents and educators, and free from manipulation by politicians.


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