OEA Board Supports PTA Testing Resolution

In a unanimous decision, the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Education Association (OEA) has voted its support for the Oklahoma PTA’s resolution on assessment and accountability, adopted at its state convention in July.

“Oklahoma’s parents have spoken about the inappropriate use of standardized tests to measure student progress, district success and teacher effectiveness, and Oklahoma’s teachers fully agree,” said OEA President Linda Hampton.

The resolution calls for the state’s education accountability system to include multiple indicators of educational quality, and that the assessments not be used for high-stakes determinations such as grade promotion or graduation. It calls for the State of Oklahoma to reexamine public school accountability systems in the state, developing a system that “more accurately reflects the broad range of learning experiences that promote the innovation, creativity, problem solving, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and deep subject-matter knowledge that will allow students to thrive in a democracy and an increasingly global society and economy.” (See the Oklahoma PTA’s complete resolution on assessment and accountability here: http://www.okpta.org/advocacy/2014-convention-resolutions/.)

“The decision by OEA, to support our position on high-stakes testing is tremendous,” Jeffery Corbett, President of Oklahoma PTA stated. “United together, we will bring positive change for all public education students in Oklahoma.”

As a new State Superintendent takes office and the Oklahoma Legislature begins a new session in January, 2015, the preeminent organizations representing educators and parents in Oklahoma look forward to collaborating to replace the state’s misplaced emphasis on standardized tests to “label and punish” with a system that actually supports students and improves schools.



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