OEA Disappointed by Expected Cuts to State Revenue

Statement by OEA President Linda Hampton:

"Despite the fact that our public schools are underfunded and Oklahoma’s taxes are already among the lowest in the nation, this week we learned that another tax break will take place in 2016.  Most Oklahoman’s will see either no benefit at all from the tax cut or will, at best, receive an additional $30 next year. Oklahomans want low taxes, and we’ve already achieved that; however, they also want good schools, sound roads and bridges, and sufficient police officers and firemen to keep us safe. If given the choice,  the average Oklahoman would have considered it a better use of tax dollars to ensure our vital functions of government do not receive further cuts.

"As teachers, we always look for lessons we can learn. The lesson here is that, while it may sound good on the campaign trail to say we’ll each have an extra $30 in our pockets next year, the reality is that this money would be better spent educating Oklahoma’s students."


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