OEA Recommends Dorman for Governor

Joe Dorman has long been a champion of public education. As a candidate for the state’s highest office, he has developed strong policies on education that show he is in touch with what Oklahoma educators need. That is why he is recommended for Governor by the Oklahoma Education Association’s Fund for Children and Public Education.

Oklahoma’s teachers and support professionals are seeking leaders who trust them. High stakes standardized testing is driving Oklahoma’s education system off the tracks, and there are currently no uniform education standards in place to steer us back. A Texas billionaire is leading an effort to take educators’ pensions, and a tragically flawed school grading system is eroding faith in our public schools. It is time for our leaders to include those who educate our children in the conversations about how we should educate our children.

Joe Dorman’s “Classrooms First” education policy does just that. His Blue Ribbon Commission to create new education standards would include teachers, parents and college professors. His plan to increase education funding would direct money right where it is needed most: the classroom. Local school boards would set local funding priorities. Instead of sending millions to out-of-state testing companies with nothing to show for it, he proposes we measure our high school students the same way colleges and employers do - by requiring them to take the ACT. These are ideas that Oklahoma's teachers advocate for daily.

“OEA association leaders, who are educators and support professionals from all over the state, had the opportunity to meet with Joe Dorman and hear about his priorities for our public schools,” said OEA President Linda Hampton, “We recommended him because we believe that as Governor, Joe will give teachers a voice in public education.”

The OEA represents more than 35,000 current and retired education professionals.


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