Petition Drive To Create Penny Sales Tax for Education

OEA’s Statement on the Oklahoma’s Children Our Future Announcement of a Petition Drive for a 1-cent Sales Tax to Benefit Public Education:

OEA President Alicia Priest said, “The Oklahoma Education Association is looking forward to working with the grassroots coalition of citizens who are promoting a petition drive to raise $615 million annually for education. The petition will create a statewide one-cent sales tax to benefit public schools, career tech and public higher education institutions.

“At a time when our state is facing what could prove to be a $1 billion shortfall, this plan could very well save our schools. We’re at a critical moment in our history thanks to the largest cuts to public education in the country since 2007. We have started the last two school years with 1,000 teaching vacancies. We have eliminated some 600 teaching jobs statewide because schools can’t afford to fill them. And now we’re seeing a shortage of candidates for teaching jobs at all grade levels, resulting in more than 800 emergencies certificates for teachers not quite ready for the classroom.

“With this petition, parents, teachers and community members across Oklahoma are saying enough is enough. Our politicians won’t fund our public schools, so we’ll do it ourselves.”


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