Pres. Hampton Cheers Veto Override of HB 2625

 “Today, I joined hundreds of parents and educators as we witnessed bipartisan support from our Representatives and Senators who united to right the wrong done to our young children with the high-stakes reading test. Throughout the past year, eight- and nine-year-old students have suffered from anxiety, depression and sleepless nights due to their fear of this unfair assessment process. As I watched the debate and vote to override Gov. Mary Fallin's veto of HB2625, it reinforced my belief that we have done the right thing for the right reasons – nearly 8,000 Oklahoma third graders. We will claim today as a victory for our children and continue working together for their betterment. Simply put, they are our priority! I hope Oklahomans will remember who supported them today and return the favor at the polls.” Pres. Linda Hampton


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