Project Blue Bird Brightens Adams Elementary

A centerpiece of the Student OEA’s work at Adams Elementary for Outreach to Teach is a large eagle mural in the front foyer of the Oklahoma City School. The artwork was made possible by the donation of time and talent of Project Blue Bird and artist Nick Bayer.

Project Blue Bird is a community outreach program whose mission is to spread happiness and goodwill through art. The group believes art can change the hearts and minds of its audience. Unfortunately not all communities can afford the luxury and the benefits of art. They are most often forced to concentrate their time and money on the service they represent.

The Project provides public art to organizations who tirelessly give back to their communities. All of these art projects are provided at no cost. Changing spaces and touching hearts is just one component of Project Blue Bird. Working entirely with a volunteer staff, Project Blue Bird works to educate young artists in the practical application of their craft by allowing them to participate in these projects.

Project Blue Bird provides these artists with hands on-experience in making public art with the aid of professional artists. With seven completed and multiple projects in progress, Project Blue Bird is on its way to making a difference in the lives of those who might not otherwise have access to art. Everyone should be able to benefit and enjoy art and Project Blue Bird is hard at work to make this happen.

For more information on Project Blue Bird, contact Nick Bayer at



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