Q&A with State School Board Members

Oklahoma’s seven-member State Board of Education has an enormous job. It is this body’s responsibility to “adopt policies and make rules for the operation of the public school system of the state.” That includes everything from presenting a proposed annual budget for school funding to the legislature, to determining curricula, supervising transportation and overseeing the school lunch program.

The new state teacher and principal evaluation system and the A-F grading system are two of the highest profile issues the board has faced in recent months.

State statute requires that the State Superintendent of Instruction serve as the president of the State Board, and that the governor will appoint one person from each Congressional district plus one at-large member.

Most of us are familiar with State Superintendent Janet Barresi, but who are the individual board members? The appointed members recently answered a few questions for an article in the December/January issue of the Education Focus. The magazine article contained only one answer for each board member, but you can read all of their responses on individual pages. Click the board member's name below to see his or her answers.

Lee Baxter

Amy Ford

Brian Hayden

Joy Hofmeister

Bill Price

William F. Shdeed


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