SDE Board Lowers NBCT Stipend

The Oklahoma State Board of Education voted Thursday to pay equal stipends to all nationally certified educators, but at a rate less than the $5,000 set by state law.

According to media reports, schools will receive $3,900 for National Board Certified Teachers as well as all other nationally certified education professionals as identified in state law, such as speech pathologists, audiologists, school psychologists, etc.

While state law calls for a $5,000 stipend for National Board Certified Teachers and other specialists, the law has a disclaimer of “…if funds are available.”

The OEA believes all nationally certified professionals should receive the $5,000 as promised.

Last year, the state did not send impact money when it sent school districts the funds to pay the nationally certified stipends. OEA sued some schools when they deducted the employer’s FICA contribution from teachers’ checks, contending that schools pushed their tax responsibility onto the teachers. One of those lawsuits is pending before the State Supreme Court, while others are proceeding through their respective district courts.


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