Study Says Tests Should Be Invalidated

The Oklahoma Education Association released a report today verifying CTB/McGraw Hill was grossly deficient in its ability to meet the needs of Oklahoma schools and students. The report includes a significant collection of statements detailing the extent of damage caused by the testing company.

“We believe the comprehensive testing problems occurring throughout the state shed legitimate doubt on the validity of the test results and their usefulness in gauging the success of students, teachers and school districts for the 2012-2013 school year,” OEA President Linda Hampton said.

The association will urge the State Board of Education to invalidate all 2013 standardized tests. Association leaders said the results should not be used to negatively impact students, teachers or schools.

“Students were left waiting for hours to finish tests, arrived at school day after day expecting to be tested only to experience additional delays. They had to take the same tests multiple times. Consequently, thousands of students were left exhausted, frustrated, demoralized and incapable of giving their best effort,” the report concludes.

OEA leaders will ask the state board to consider invalidating the tests at the upcoming board meeting this Thursday.



OEA was founded in 1889 and has long been considered the voice of education in Oklahoma.  The association has nearly 35,000 members, comprised of public school teachers, coaches, counselors, librarians, and administrators; nurses, custodians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, secretaries and other support personnel; retired teachers; and education majors at Oklahoma colleges and universities.


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