Supt. Barresi and Candidate Interviews

Official Statement, January 3, 2104 - 

Last November, the Oklahoma Education Association invited all candidates for State Superintendent to meet with teachers and support professionals from across the state and have an open dialogue about their positions on public education issues. We extended an invitation to Dr. Barresi, and she did not respond to our request. We are surprised and disappointed with her recent announcement that she declined our request because she views the meeting as lacking transparency.  Dr. Barresi did choose to meet with OEA in the 2010 election cycle to request our endorsement, but did not receive it.  OEA believes fostering communication between the more than 35,000 teachers, student teachers, support professionals, administrators, and retired educators comprising our association and elected leaders and candidates of all political affiliations is one of the most important functions of our association. Indeed, our members are the experts on public education in Oklahoma.  It is unfortunate that Barresi wants to focus her attention on her re-election campaign and not what really matters: providing a great public education for every child in Oklahoma.


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