Thanks for Passing HB 2625

“Today I witnessed what I consider to be the first step in doing what’s right for our 7,970 third grade students who were labeled failures last week by an unjust testing process. Many thanks to parents, educators, Rep. Henke and other legislators who not only supported the passage of House Bill 2625, but also added an emergency clause which would help our students now. It will allow for a team composed of the parents, teacher, reading specialist and administrator  to make the decision as to whether or not promotion is in the child’s best interest.  As an educator, parent and grandmother, I realize the value of local control and a parent’s voice in the education process – this bill allows for both. HB 2625 also allows students to advance to the fourth grade if they score proficient or above on any of the other state-approved reading tests taken throughout the school year. I implore the Governor to do what is best for the children, right the wrong, and sign this much needed legislation into law,” Linda Hampton, OEA President.


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