Vouchers Will Cost our Education System Far Too Much, Please Vote No

Dear Legislator,

If you are given the chance to vote on vouchers today, please consider the fiscal impact of SB 609 and HB 2949. State Supt. Joy Hofmeister commissioned a study on those two bills and found that if either bill passes, administration of the program alone will cost the Department of Education as much $1.5 million dollars regardless of how many students access the vouchers.

Please Read the Tulsa World’s story about the cost of vouchers.

You and your colleagues are voting today to tap the Rainy Day Fund to try and keep public schools from taking drastic measures just to finish this school year. Yet vouchers would take another $1.5 million from them.

There is no accountability on the part of the private school or the parents when it comes to vouchers. Private schools have the choice – not the parents – of whether to allow a child to enroll.

I don’t want my tax dollars paying for someone else’s private education, and polling shows that 65% of my fellow Oklahomans agree with me.

Oklahoma’s public school funding has been cut 23.6% since 2008, more than any other state in the nation. If allowed to become law, vouchers will divert as much as $45 million a year from our public schools in the first few years. 

Please, vote no on SB 609 and HB 2949.

Thank you for your service. Sincerely,

Alicia Priest



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