Are OEA/NEA Dues Tax Deductible?

Are your professional association dues tax deductable? The short answer is, we don’t think so. Based on tax law enacted for 2018, we believe that professional association dues are no longer deductible as an itemized deduction for miscellaneous expenses.

That said, below is a chart of dues minus lobbying expenses (the portion of dues that formally was tax deductable). Talk with your tax professional for more information.

2020-21 Membership Year Dues
Less Lobbying Expenses

Full-time active certified   $500.53
Halftime active certified    $261.77
Full-time active support    $251.64
Halftime active support     $137.57
Substitute                         $165.77
Reserve certified               $238.77
Reserve support                $124.63
Student member               $24.36