OEA Facebook Policy

Thank you for joining us on Facebook. The Oklahoma Education Association is delighted to share in this forum with you and recognizes that Facebook is a powerful tool to collaborate, organize and generate feedback. We welcome and value your comments expressing varying points of views.

Should you have any feedback you would like to share with us outside of Facebook, please contact us  at:  oea.communications@okea.org



We welcome constructive, civil debate and professional exchanges on Oklahoma Education Association’s Facebook page. You are responsible for your online posts and activities, however. If you work for a school, familiarize yourself with your district’s Internet usage policy. Violating some of the items below could result in disciplinary action or discharge at work.

Although Facebook has its own Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, the Oklahoma Education Association has adopted the policies below and may remove from this page any users whose posts violate these policies.

You are personally responsible for your posts. What you write online will be available to anyone with Internet access, and for quite a long time. Please be mindful of what you say. The Oklahoma Education Association is not responsible for your posts.

  • When you post comments on this Facebook page, you acknowledge that you are speaking on your behalf, rather than on behalf of the Oklahoma Education Association or its affiliates.
  • Be respectful in all circumstances. You might feel inclined to criticize or respond to criticism with hostility. Be aware that personal attacks against another person’s professional competence or character might amount to defamation and result in a lawsuit against you personally.
  • Don't post comments that are off-topic or needlessly inflammatory, seek to provoke an emotional reaction from others, attempt to disrupt and derail the discussion, or abuse evidence and reasoning to defend an unjustifiable conclusion.
  • Don't use rude or insulting language. Posting sexually harassing, vulgar, lewd or obscene remarks or material is strictly prohibited and might result in a lawsuit against you personally, or disciplinary action if it affects your working relationships.
  • Insulting or threatening others based on race, ethnicity, marital status, political beliefs or party, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, military service or other personal qualities is strictly prohibited.
  • If you are a school employee, do not discuss any student by name. Moreover, do not discuss any student’s educational record or confidential information. You are individually responsible for not violating privacy laws.
  • If you are a school employee, do not discuss personal or work-related grievances.  Also, don’t critique your co-workers, administrators or school board members. 
  • Please respect copyrighted material, including web pages. If it’s not yours, cite it, and link to it if possible.
  • Don’t spread rumors. If you cannot personally verify that something is factual, please do not publicize it. Similarly, if something is confidential, please do not discuss it in a public forum such as Facebook.

Users of the Oklahoma Education Association’s Facebook page are legally responsible for their commentary.  If legal issues arise with a user’s commentary or posts, the Oklahoma Education Association has no obligation to represent the user regarding those legal issues.  If the Oklahoma Education Association has any concerns regarding the content of a user’s commentary or posts, then the Oklahoma Education Association reserves the right to remove any commentary or block the offending user from this page.


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