Take Action

Make plans to join us for Lobby Days this spring

Registration is now open for members who are interested in coming to the Capitol to lobby during the legislative session.

Last year, members from across the state came to the Capitol to lobby their lawmakers. (And lots of members visited with their members back home, too!)

Here are a couple common questions:

  • When should I come? It’s totally up to you. The Oklahoma Legislature normally meets Monday through Thursday, leaving lawmakers free to travel to their home districts on Fridays. OEA members often come to visit the Capitol on Together We’re Stronger Tuesdays, but visiting lawmakers is encouraged any day! The session begins Feb. 4 and runs through the end of May.
  • Do I have to register? No, but it’s helpful if you do. The OEA Legislative team provides members with current, localized information so you are ready to hit the ground running. When we know you’re coming, we can have all that ready for you ahead of time. A day’s notice is good. (But we ALWAYS welcome drop-ins!)
  • Do I have to be a political expert to lobby? Absolutely not. Lobbying is essentially meeting the lawmakers elected to represent you and telling them how their decisions affect your students. Nobody knows kids better than teachers, bus drivers, secretaries, paras, and other educational professionals! You’re an expert in education, and that’s why lawmakers need to hear from you.

What does it cost? Nothing! It’s totally free. (Plus we usually have little donuts and lunch!)