2017 Delegate Assembly Resolutions


Proposed Resolutions


III- AA Vaccinations

The Oklahoma Education Association believes that vaccines are essential medical tools in preventing infectious diseases. The Association acknowledges that vaccines must be pervasive to be effective.


The Association also believes that parents/guardians should follow vaccination guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Association further believes that the state legislature should establish clear guidelines for waivers that minimize the numbers of unvaccinated students to those necessary due to documented medical conditions. Evidenced-based vaccination campaigns are integral in maintaining student and community health.


III-BB Communicable Disease Prevention

The Oklahoma Education Association believes that, for all employees, school districts and educational institutions, working in collaboration with school nurses and local health authorities, should initiate professional development about communicable diseases and their prevention. This information should be disseminated to all stakeholders by the school district.


III-CC Communication Using Social Media and Technology

The Oklahoma Education Association believes that guidelines for the use of social media and technology for communications related to school activities should be collaboratively developed by school employees and employers. Communication between education employees and parents/students should be limited to district-sanctioned means of communication. Such guidelines should promote professionalism, safety, respect for privacy, intellectual integrity, and a positive learning environment.


III-DD Student Use of Electronic Social Media

The Oklahoma Education Association recognizes the popularity and accessibility of electronic social media, including personal websites, blogs, text messages and social networking sites. The Association believes that students should be informed of the possible dangers of posting personal information electronically.  Students should be encouraged to report incidents of cyberbullying and other inappropriate communications received using electronic social media.


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